Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I can't stop!

Since it SNOWED last night, something fun, furry, and flowery is a must for today!

I can't stop posting bunnies!!!!  I was sitting outside last weekend (gasp really OUTSIDE with sunshiny wrath and everything) alternating between blogland, the Decorah eagles, and my photo files.  Who knows why, but anyway...

I made these back in February and I don't think I ever shared them.  So, once again, I have bunnies for you. :) These are exciting tags for me because I used copics and pencils.  It's so easy to get used to using just one medium and I do it all the time. 

I have several friends who are so good at pooling all their goods and creating fabulous works of art using paints, chalks, markers, pencils- you name it.  These are simple tags, but I'm glad I stepped out and used more supplies because the effect was exactly what I was looking for with these tags.  Yay!  A plan comes together just as imagined. :)

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Boston Strong- A Repost

I posted this last year after the Boston Marathon Bombings.  The actual marathon day is next week, but the anniversary is today.  At 2:49 pm EDT folks around the world will observe a moment of silence and Boston thanks all of you for your support both for today, the days past, and the days that will follow.  Many, many people have worked to bring something good out of the terrible tragedies of that day and the days following.  Alas, today my mind and heart once again reflect on my feelings that day...
I work at the starting line of The Boston Marathon.  My school has a history of hosting the wheelchair racers.  Two weeks ago this morning our entire school stood outside with local & state officials to unveil a statue that was placed in our school's front lawn in tribute to the Hoyt father/son race team.

The town Common is across the street from our school.  The kids in town run and play before the race on this common.  Runners stretch and make a pit stop at the port-a-potties that are brought in (and steal our parking spaces sometimes the week before school vacation).

The runners are released in waves, wheelchair racers, elite racers, "the common man" racers.  I have been at the starting line to cheer racers.  It's at least 15-20 minutes before all of "the common man" racers (who have been running the entire time) even cross the starting line.

One week ago I was blissfully enjoying a snorkel cruise from St. John's USVI to 4 islands around BVI.  I was a little cranky about having to get up and get going by 6:30am on my vacation.  I was nervous about my swimming ability and embarrassing myself in front of the other tourists.  We met a couple from near my hometown and chatted about other vacations.  One of the tour guides was from Wellfleet and we talked about the race.  There was another couple who had gone to Harvard's School of Business.  We chatted about seeing the results of the race.  The tour finished a little before 3pm.  We got out of Customs and headed to the car to see if we had any messages from family (no cell coverage on our trip).  I glanced down and saw I had a text from an aunt back in ME.  Our "baby" cousin at Tufts had told her there were explosions at the finish line.  Our hope was a gas leak, but in our stomach we knew that it was probably something much darker.

We hopped in the car and tried to get info from people.  Coverage is spotty in places on STJ- so many hills.  We raced to the local grocery store because it always has on CNN and it was the closet place we could think to get news.  As we got to the parking lot I was able to pull up some pictures on my phone.  DH looked at the pics and told me that the time on the clock is the typical finish time for average runners, well past the elite.  I had friends running.  "Baby" cousin had a group from Tufts running.

I have never felt so helpless.  Felt so guilty for being in paradise when friends who were running or at the finish line were scared, helpless themselves.  I felt guilty for even thinking about myself at all.  After agonizing hours, DH and I were able to locate everyone we were worried about.  We were blessed.  No one we know directly was physically harmed.  My heart hurts for those not so lucky.

Today I go back to school.  Back to the Starting Line where the possibilities, excitement, and energy is endless, now somehow tainted.  I am excited to see my students & nervous to talk with them.  We teachers, parents, caring adults, have had to have too many conversations these last 12 years like the ones I will have today.  The reassurances that they are safe.  Conversations where I watch 5 year-old babies age in front of me, not because they are learning about the awesomeness of the world, but because they are learning that monsters are real.

At 2:50pm today my thoughts will be with everyone who suffered & continues to suffer from last week's bombings.  My "Linus blanket" I will carry with me today and in the future is how the first responders (way to go Jim Plourde, fellow Colonie High alum!), the runners from out of town, and ordinary citizens rallied around each other.  How folks did what was needed to be done to help strangers and how the city shutdown to end this terror.  Although I was shaken by the events of last week, I have a renewed faith in the goodness of people.  I'm a New Yorker by birth, but I am Boston Strong!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Thanks for Mom

My goodness, where has the year gone already!!! Mother's Day isn't far off!!!  Here's a quick post of a couple Mother's Day cards I made for an Etsy order. :)

These cards were all created from parts of cards I thought I was going to make for something else.  I love when things get jumbled together in a pile and spark whole new creations!

Pretty, pretty teacups. :)  Ignore my thumb there.  I just noticed it snuck into the picture. LOL!

Have a lovely Monday!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Day countdown

Teacher Appreciation Day is May 6th.  That's less than a month away folks.  I looked it up.  You'd think I would know it by now, but honestly it is always a surprise.  ��  I mention this because one of my customers is super on top of things!  This is one of the cards I made for her so she can be ready for the big teacher day. 

Thank goodness she was on top of things!  I've had this stamp for at least a year and it has been begging for ink!!!  It also has me getting in gear to make some more goodies to load in my Etsy Shoppe just for this day.  I thought I might play around with another card with this same palette and one that's more blues, aquas, and greens. 

I can't tell you how great teachers, especially specialists, feel when they get a card from one of their students.  It totally makes our day.  I keep all the cards and pictures in a special spot in my teacher space.  At the end of the year all the memories go in my memory box.  �� I'm having to move to a dramatically smaller space next year.  I hope I will be able to have a spot to continue that tradition!

Do you celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day?  How do you remember those special teachers in your life?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Flower Show Recap

A few weeks back Boston hosted it's Flower Show. DH and I went on a Friday night. It was cheaper, less crowded, and we could out to dinner after. �� There were a few fun displays, but almost all of it was vendors and bouquets.

One of the interesting displays was a bunch of cakes. They weren't real, but the embellishments were very eye catching, especially when you think about how cold and snowy it was outside. �� I loved this one the most and thought it would make for great inspiration when it get  "artists block".

This was one of the cool outdoor spaces display, complete with live birds!  They were a big crowns pleaser and seemed oblivious to all the fuss.

Succulents are a recent favorite of mine.  I never appreciated the colors and textures of these lovelies.  With the recent heat-wave centric summers we've had, I've come to love these sweeties.  They look their best no matter how hot it gets. :)

This was my favorite display at the show!  It was so elegant.  I kept wandering around it trying to decide the best part of the design.

I finally decided that the stone pathway through the water was the coolest part, of course the chaiselike seating is a close second (I *heart* chaise seating!!!)

 The outdoor fireplace isn't too bad either. (swoon). The chandelier is pretty awesome as well.  In the end I decided that this is totally the space I would have set up if I won the lottery.  A gal can dream right?  Oh, I might add some sort of retractable screen for watching movies outdoors.  Go big or go home! LOL!

What would your ideal outdoor space have?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Bouquets for Grannies

I had an order for some Mother's Day cards that included some cards perfect for gram.  These were made before the sun was shining outside so the yellows were totally inspired by my need for golden rays. :)

These color combos are my favorite.  They both are a breath of spring air don't ya think?  I had enough supplies to make two of each and have loaded the extras in my Etsy Shoppe.

Before you know it, I'll be making this bouquet in reds and oranges for fall. LOL!  I know, I know I'm rushing things ��

So what is you favorite color combo, or combos?  Do you have a Pinterest board of colors? I do, but then again I have a bazillion boards on Pinterest.  *hee-hee*

Have a colorful day!

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Peter Cottontail says Hi

Happy Friday!  I've been messing around with more bunnies. :). Eeeek!  He's sooo fluffy (and he was super fun to make)!  Actually the felt is a super stiff kind which made it awesome for cutting and great for dressing him up for Easter Day.  The SU hydrangea has been my go-to for background interest lately.  I'm loving that layered stamping is coming back into fashion- it is addicting. :)

On this fantastic Friday I am happy to report that the sun has been shining for the last couple of days and most of the snow is gone!!!  Pretty soon I will be seeing bunnies in the yard for real- though I hope they know to beware of the hawks.  I haven't seen them in the last few days, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there. ;) It is likely that they are on hatching watch.  Have you checked out the eaglet cam out of Iowa, or the hawk cam out of Cornell?  It is awesome to see the hatchlings.

Well, have a great night!